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How to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

Find Someone's Name by Phone Number

How many times, looking at the smartphone, we found ourselves a missed call received from an unknown number? Was it an important phone call? To find out who called, there are various completely free services online, easily accessible from any browser. You need to have only the phone number available, no extra information. With a few clicks and a little luck, you will be able to get the name and address information for that number.

Find Someone's Name by Phone Number

Finding information about the sender of a call is now relatively simple in the case of fixed lines, as the search exploits the information contained on the network. If we are dealing with a mobile phone number, it will not always be possible. The contacts of private mobile phones are not included in the telephone directories for reasons of privacy, therefore, the search will not be easy.

If, for example, it is a company that has a website with a complete contact page, the systems illustrated below will lead to useful information. However, not all phone numbers are associated with an address and a name, but trying doesn’t hurt! Let’s see how to find the address and name starting from the phone number.

Google search

The first method we recommend is the Google search engine. The most obvious option, sometimes, is the winning one. Even in the case of telephone numbers, it can be the right source for finding useful information. How to do it? Open the main page, type the phone number in the search field and then click on Search with Google. Among the related results, you can find the address or name of the person who called you. You will have much more chances in case you are dealing with a company or a professional.

Research with Yellow Pages

Do you think the unknown number that tried to contact you belongs to a company? The historic Yellow Pages paper telephone directory has an online service that is right for you. On the main page, you will find, just above the search bar, the entry Phone number.

Name by Phone Number

Click on it and proceed by typing the number, landline, or mobile, it makes little difference if it is really associated with a business entity. The Yellow Pages database contains data relating to businesses and freelancers registered in the telephone directory. If the sender falls into these categories listed above, after clicking Searchyou will see the name, surname, and address of the person you are looking for appearing, as well as the ability to locate them on a map. This service is also available via an app for Android and iOS.

Research with White Pages

Not sure about the sender of the call? Do you think it could be a private individual? In this case, opt for the White Pages. This service is able to trace the information of companies registered on telephone directories, but also of individuals (only the landline number). The operation is practically the same as that mentioned above. From the Find who called you page, you can type the phone number in question in the text field and click Search. If successful, you can also locate the sender of the call on a map here. If your searches are frequent, also consider downloading the app for smartphones and tablets.

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