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Free Digital Skills Courses For all Levels

Free Digital Skills Courses

The new batch of free courses from Conecta Empleo, Fundación Telefónica’s digital training program, has just landed loaded with news with registrations open until June 30. With the arrival of COVID-19, promoting digital training has become a necessity. According to LinkedIn, in the next five years, more than two million new technology-related positions will be created in Spain. Hence, the importance of promoting digital skills in the population, this being the objective of Conecta Empleo courses.

Free Digital Skills Courses

The greatest novelty of the courses this quarter is introduced by the third edition of Nanogrado Construcción 4.0 focused on teaching us how to take advantage of the potential of digitization within the construction sector. From the Foundation, together with the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Construction Labor Foundation, they bring us this 220-hour workshop in an itinerary of seven courses, divided into transversal and specific contents.

Conecta Empleo courses focused on fostering digital skills

This second call for Fundación Telefónica courses is made up of twenty workshops, from digital communication, cybersecurity, IT, marketing to knowledge in big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). All of them aimed at allowing students to understand what the changes are in this new job market, helping them to develop their skills so that they are part of the digital change.

Next, we present these courses by areas with a brief explanation of each area.

Nanograduate course in construction 4.0

It is the third edition of one of the Conecta Employment courses that generate more interest among users. We refer to the term ‘nanograduate’ when students work with collaborative web tools, such as video chats, wikis, blogs, etc., facilitating learning through practice and dialogue.

free online courses to empower the IT professions

Specifically, this course is aimed at the construction sector with the aim that the people who take it are able to adapt to the digital needs of this sector and be able to improve and enhance their work skills.

If your work is evolving towards the more digital sphere or if you want to start training in this area, the Nanograduate course in construction 4.0 is ideal for you. Throughout the 220 hours of the workshop, you will learn from how a digital marketing strategy can be key to improving the competitiveness of your company in the sector, how you can manage a project from your smartphone, as well as delving into the world of big data and the IoT.

Free Courses for Digital Roles

In the event that you have taken the course in previous editions, you can enroll in those modules that you have pending until next July 11.

Courses in digital communication

How to create a digital communication strategy in social networks? If you dedicate yourself to the world of communication, surely in your job search this has been one of the main requirements in the offers you have applied for.

In recent years, communication has gone from offline to online, with digital environments such as blogs or social networks becoming more important. Therefore, it is key that communication professionals renew their skills and train in the world of digital communication and its full potential.

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