Most Important Skills To Succeed At Work

Most Important Skills To Succeed At Work

For several years with the arrival in our lives of advances such as artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT, acronym in English), etc., soft skills or soft skills have begun to be more valued at the time to look for a job.

Most Important Skills To Succeed At Work

No longer only people’s knowledge is valued, but also the skills to work in a team, empathize with colleagues, etc. We can define soft skills as a combination of transversal skills, necessary for any moment of our life, which, when combined with hard skills or technical skills, turn employees into motivated and accomplished people in constant training and learning.

A totally different point from what we could live years ago, where hard skills were, probably, the only requirement to find a job. This whole situation has accelerated due to the pandemic, where we have been forced to adapt to a totally unexpected situation. Thus, soft skills become a basis for companies in search of talent or recycling for current workers in them.

The 5 most necessary soft skills in the current job landscape

So, when it comes to the soft skills most in-demand today, we must take into account the landscape in which we live. A scenario marked by a pandemic and teleworking, where technology is increasingly gaining strength, and depending on the casuistry of each person, the soft skills most demanded are the following:

Adaptation to change

Having the ability to face changes is an essential skill within any company, since these, in general, are usually a constant. Hence, the importance of having an open mind and a positive attitude to the challenges that we will face.

This soft skill has acquired greater relevance with the arrival of COVID-19, since we have been forced to adapt from one moment to another to a situation, until now, unknown. For this reason, if we manage to work on it, even if the changes that will bring us in the future are complex, we will face them in the best way. Above all, because sometimes it is scary to face new situations, but if we work in this capacity, we will probably ensure that this fear does not stop us and we will be able to face any situation that the future work may bring us.

Emotional intelligence

In recent times, emotional intelligence has gained greater importance, when it comes to the ability to express, understand, perceive and manage emotions. It’s not just about understanding our feelings, it’s also about understanding other people’s. In addition to working on active listening, the proper use of body language or empathy.

Must-Have Skills

If we can work this skill correctly, we will be able to cope with failures, we will work better as a team and our skills to relate to other people will improve.


This ability has always been important to companies, however, with the advent of telecommuting it has become essential. Now, more than ever, as we make use of this ability, our work will be more efficient and our superiors’ trust in us will increase.

So we must work to become trustworthy people with the capacity for self-discipline. At this point, we can highlight another skill: proactivity. Those employees with initiative who propose ideas, solutions, challenges, in other words, who contribute to the company.


This concept refers to the ability of human beings to face complicated situations and overcome them. Without a doubt, an essential skill, considering the times we are living in. In crisis situations in the workplace, this skill can help us face them patiently without letting ourselves be overcome by them.


most important job skill

There is more and more talk about teamwork to face work challenges. At first, perhaps, this collaboration may seem like a simple thing to do. On the other hand, it is not like that, to develop this skill correctly it is important to know what our strengths and weaknesses are, as well as those of the rest of the team. Lately, there are more cases of shared leadership that show that without competition between members of the same staff, very good results can be achieved.


This may be one of the most difficult soft skills to pull off. It consists of communicating our ideas clearly and concisely without offending the recipient. In recent years, more has been said about this ability, because it is the ability to say “no” and express opinions without the need for the people we speak to take it badly.

At the moment in which we are able to make use of assertiveness, we can achieve a work environment with greater communication and trust, being a positive point to favor social relations among the staff.

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